Sprinkler System Start Up and Sprinkler Blow Out

Sprinkler Blow Out and Winterization

Before the first freeze, the irrigation system “blow out” becomes the priority for all irrigation systems in areas where the frost level extends below the depth of installed irrigation piping. Proper sprinkler blow out and winterization of your sprinkler system is essential to assure there will be no Spring start-up problems.

If a problem is found after our sprinkler blow out and winterization, we come back at no charge to fix or repair the problem. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in sprinkler blow out to properly blow out and winterize your system.

Sprinkler Blow Out

Sprinkler Blow Out

Our Sprinkler Blow Out Process

We use a step-by-step process which includes:

  • Turn off water supply
  • Drain main line and supply lines
  • Drain backflow device as needed
  • Blow out of all lateral lines
  • Check and identify leaks or problems
  • Set time clock to OFF position

Spring Start-Ups

Starting up your pressurized sprinkler system in Spring is necessary to assure that all heads are adjusted properly and time clock is set to our customer specifications. By properly adjusting sprinklers and time clock, we assure that water will be conserved. Proper conservation of water is vital to today’s environment.