Sealcoating and Crackfill

Asphalt Remediation

Asphalt surfaces can be effectively protected by using a sealcoating which acts as a barrier between harmful elements and the asphalt pavement. Usually a tar emulsion sealer is used which is highly resistant to water, gas, oil, salt, chemicals, and UV radiation.


At Guardian Sweeping and Striping, a division of Guardian Management Company, we can provide you with quality sealcoating service for both residential and commercial properties. Before the sealcoat process begins, our Guardian employees will:

  • Clean the surface of all dirt and vegetation using blowers and/or brooms.
  • The sealcoating material will be applied both with spray and squeegee method to assure that full coverage in achieved.
  • The squeegee method is used to avoid over-spray around the edges and other barriers.

It is our belief that done regularly (every 3-5 years), the life of your asphalt can be doubled, even tripled, in some cases. In addition to extending the life of your asphalt, proper and regular maintenance gives visitors the first impression of your property.


Pavement expands and contracts with seasonal temperature changes. Consequently, cracks and joints are expanding and contracting when the pavement moves. Filling the cracks with a flexible, rubberized product that bond to the crack walls and moves with the pavement will prevent water intrusion.

Save Money With Proper Pavement Maintenance

As part of pavement management practices, crack sealing can reduce pavement deterioration by restricting water penetration into underlying base and sub-base. Restricting this penetration helps to maintain the structural capacity and helps to limit future pavement degradation. Sealing cracks and joint in pavement extends the service life of the surface and pavement, thereby saving you money.

For more information on sealcoating and how Guardian Management Company can save you money with our asphalt remediation program, give us a call and send a message.