Tree Treatments

Tree treatments improve the health and life of your trees. A healthy and flourishing landscape will greatly enhance the overall health and appearance of your property while increasing its value. Do you want to keep your trees healthy? Do you have sick trees in your landscape? Guardian Lawn Care, a division of Guardian Management Company, offer a four step tree treatment program designed to give your trees the nutrients, protection and conditions they need to not only survive but thrive.

4 Steps Tree Treatment to Healthy Trees

Guardian Lawn Care begins your plan with a tree evaluation, which helps our tree treatment specialists determine the specific needs of your landscape. We then design a four step program to give your trees exactly what they need to grow green, strong, full and healthy and help prevent against aphids, mites, scale and any other insect issue.

  1. Spring Dormant Oil: for control of overwintering insect eggs (aphids, mites, scale and others)
  2. Summer Insecticide: for control of insects
  3. Late Summer Insecticide: for control over insects
  4. Fall/Winter Dormant Oil: for control of overwintering insect eggs

Collar Drench

Do you have a fruit tree, ornamental or otherwise, that you don’t want the fruit dropping? Let our Guardian Lawn Care applicators apply a well-timed fruit preventative!

Contract Guardian Lawn Care for your tree treatment needs, and enjoy a healthy, flourishing landscape.