Pest Control

Does your landscape have Box Elder Bugs? How about spiders on the ground and in the trees? And those little ants? They’re all just nuisances. But you don’t have to live with them. Guardian Lawn Care, a division of Guardian Management Company, offer Pest Control services to make those critters go away and die.

Spiders…Bugs…Go Away! Our Pest Control is on the way.

Our guaranteed Four Step Pest Control program will stop pests from invading your landscape and your home.

Our four application system in the spring, summer, late summer and fall will maintain a barrier around your home to keep spiders and insects away.

If the pest issue occurs inside the home as well, we also offer an interior pest spray to kill and prevent future ones.

Contact Guardian Lawn Care when the bugs and spiders come a calling, and we will stop them in their tracks.

Our guarantee is if those pests come back, so do we!