Mowing and Weekly Landscape Maintenance

Spring, Summer and Fall are the times of year you should be free to enjoy your recreational pursuits rather than weekly maintaining your lawn. Hire Guardian Lawn Care’s well trained operators to take care of the mowing and weekly landscape maintenance for you!

Guardian Lawn Care offers two packages for weekly mowing and landscape maintenance:

  • Basic program includes mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing off of all hard surfaces.
  • Deluxe program includes mowing, trimming, edging, blowing of hard services, shrub bed weeding and a sprinkler turn-on in the spring. Shrub bed weeding is a weekly pulling or spraying of any unwanted weeds in all flower beds on property.

Landscape Maintenance and Weekly Mowing

Guardian Lawn Care crews use commercial equipment with blades sharpened weekly to guarantee a clean cut lawn, mowing of turf is done in a multi-directional pattern to prevent compaction. The operators are trained extensively on how to run the equipment and how to diagnose problem areas in your lawn and landscape. In addition  to problems with the lawn or landscape, our highly trained crews are constantly monitoring any sprinkler system problems and reporting back to the office.

Professional Appearance with Curb Appeal

Lawn maintenance is done on the same day every week so you can plan your life around your mow day. Guardian Lawn Care crews make sure trimming is done around all structures bordering grass, including fences and buildings. For a professional appearance, they cleanly edge along all curbs, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. They also flat trimming around all posts, trees, flag poles, etc. After the crew has finished mowing, all hard surfaces are blown free of grass clipping and other debris to assure your property has the “curb appeal” you desire.

Contact Guardian Lawn Care today with your Mowing and Weekly Landscape Maintenance needs.