Lawn Fertilizer Treatments

To get a green, lush lawn, it is not enough to just water your lawn, mow it, and treat it for weeds, you need a lawn fertilizer treatment program also for it to grow lush and thrive. Guardian Lawn Care, a division of Guardian Management Company, can help get your lawn in shape with their customized lawn fertilization services. When done correctly, lawn fertilizing can make your lawn healthier and greener than ever, and your neighbors will think you have a green thumb!

Lawn Fertilizer Treatments For a Healthy Diet

Using proper ingredients, proper amounts and having the proper schedule for lawn fertilizer treatments are things Guardian Lawn Care knows all about. Our crew members are licensed and know how to apply properly, when to schedule and what lawn fertilization treatment is good for your region, soil and climate.

Giving your lawn a healthy diet is a good way to get that beautiful, green and lush yard you have always wanted. As a homeowner who cares about their lawn, you know lawn fertilization treatments are a great way to have that lawn people envy. Some may think the DIY route is easiest. However, there are some key essentials you need to know about lawn fertilization treatments before using that method.

Lawn Fertilizer Treatment

Lawn Fertilizer Treatment Program

Year Round 5 Step Program

Guardian Lawn Care offers a year around lawn fertilizer treatment 5 step program:

Round 1—Spring Balanced Fertilizer: for continual feeding, plus broadleaf weed control and pre-emergence for crabgrass control

Round2—Late Spring Balanced Fertilizer: for hardy root growth, plus broadleaf weed control, spurge control and bill bug control

Round 3—Summer Balanced Slow Release Fertilizer: broadleaf weed control

Round 4—Fall Balanced Fertilizer: for fall greening plus broadleaf weed control

Round 5—Winter Balanced Fertilizer: to keep roots stable and healthy while preparing your lawn for early jump start in the spring

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We guarantee if the weeds come back, so do we!