Lawn Care, Small Tree Care, and Grounds Maintenance

Let Guardian Lawn Care, a division of Guardian Management Company, do the heavy lifting for you. After your busy work week, you can reserve your weekends for family, friends and recreation. Guardian Lawn Care will handle the lawn care, small tree care, and the grounds maintenance for you as though it was their own, so you can enjoy your weekend.

Professional Landscape Maintenance Services

Their professional landscape teams are experienced and provide you with quality work. Their “Service Beyond Your Expectations” philosophy allows you to relax and have a “No Worry” feeling regarding your landscape.

Lawn Care and So Much More

Guardian Lawn Care’s crews mow, edge, trim, and blow off debris on a weekly basis. Mowing patterns are altered as often as possible to reduce compaction and rutting. Mowers are equipped with full floating decks for difficult terrain, as well as striping kits to maintain a professional, manicured appearance. Cut heights range from 2 inches in the spring to 4 inches in the summer. Sidewalks and roadsides are edged with metal blade edgers where possible and string trimmers are used to edge tree wells and planter beds to keep shape and deter grass encroachment. Clippings are bagged and hauled away unless specified otherwise.

In addition to regularly scheduled mowing, lawn fertilization treatments and weed control programs, Guardian Lawn Care offers a variety of services to help you have the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood:

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